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A Simple Process to Write a Meaningful Goal

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The following is an exercise to help you set a meaningful goal for your spiritual health. You can use this process to write goals for your emotional health, physical health, financial health, etc. Give yourself about 25 minutes to work through the following questions. Grab a timer or use the one on your phone, some paper or your journal, and a pen or pencil, and let's get started!

Remember: Growth happens as we take small, faithful steps in the same direction over time.

Q 1: What things do I want to be true of me / about me spiritually at the end of this season (approximately the next 3 - 4 months)?

Time: 3 minutes

Q2: Circle the 2-3 most important to you

Time: 1 min

Q3: Circle the one that means the most to you right now

Time: 1 min

Q3b: Why is it important to you- why is it powerful to you? (This is your powerful why)

Time: 2 min

Q4: What are the things you believe need to happen for that to be true of you?

Time: 3 min

Q4: Circle the ones you have control over

Time: 1 min

Q5: Choose the 2-3 you are most drawn to

Time: 1 min

Q6: Which one would be the most doable?

Time: 1 min

Q7: What are the details? Remember to keep it simple, attainable (an easy “win”): What exactly? When? How? How often?

Time: 3 min

Q8: What might get in the way? Make a list.

Time: 2 min

Q9: Write 1-2 strategies for each thing that might get in the way.

Time: 2 min

Q10: How will you feel /what will be different/ how will you celebrate when you are doing this?

Time: 1 min.

Q11: Write your goal in the form of a statement. Include your powerful why.

ex: "I will ... because/ so that..."

Time 2 min

Q12: How will you be accountable/ who will hold you accountable and how?

Time: 1 min

Happy goal setting!

A Great Resource:

Atomic Habits by James Clear is a great book to read to learn how to build habits. I highly recommend it!

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