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MTI Compass at Mission Training International

Practical Training-Learn what you need to know to navigate make or break issues faced by cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel

DAR-Debrief and Renewal Program at Mission Training International 

Mission Training International, located in Palmer Lake, Colorado, offers a one week debriefing and renewal program to missionaries who have been overseas. It is for either missionaries on a furlough, who plan to return to the field, or for those who are transitioning from the field to their home country. They have a corresponding program for children that is wonderful.

Narramore Christian Foundation 

Narramore Christian Foundation is a global ministry whose mission is to meet the psychological needs of underserved populations based on the integration of psychology and Scripture. Their website offers information about their seminars and trainings including a two week MK Reentry seminar, counseling centers,  psychology for living resources, news, events, and how to support.

Le Rucher & Le Rucher USA

Debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian, biblically-based worldview by experienced pastoral care workers.  Debriefing sessions are scheduled from Monday to Friday.  Prayer ministry and Bible meditation are normally part of the debriefing process with the consent of those participating.

USA- Debriefing retreats are held outside of Clarkesville, GA,  1 1/2 hours north of Atlanta)  at Christwalk in the Valley Christian Retreat,  (formerly Fellowship Valley Retreat).

Thrive Ministry 

Thrive is an organization that hosts retreats for North American women serving overseas at a very low cost. They usually offer a retreat in Colorado each summer and each year they host a few other retreats in different regions of the world. I highly recommend their retreats; I served with Thrive in Malaysia in 2016.

Abide Reentry Retreat at Train International 

Located in Joplin, Missouri, Train International exists to equip for cross-cultural effectiveness. They have a one-week renewal for those transitioning back into American culture and debriefs the cross-cultural experience, explores reverse culture shock, and equips for healthy re-entry into the home culture. 

Interaction International 

Interaction International claims that they are today’s voice for third culture kids and internationally mobile families. They offer camps for missionary kids including a re-entry refresher, caregiver trainings, and transition seminars.

Missionary Care Ministry 

This organization owns and runs a beautiful guesthouse on a 11 acres partly-wooded property in. It is a peaceful environment located near Athens, Georgia. They offer the guesthouse free of charge to missionaries that are on furlough or returning from their overseas field. The website has information about their guesthouse, pictures, FAQs, availability, reservations and how to volunteer or donate.

Shelter Pines 

Shelter Pines provides a place where weary warriors can recover their energy and renew their vision; a place where they can reconnect as families, and linger with Jesus, so that He can meet with them and speak to their soul and spirit. It’s a safe place to rest, walk, pray, read, play with your kids, get re-acquainted with your spouse, evaluate, renew and regroup. 

Alongside Inc. 

A counseling-focused retreat ministry for pastors and missionaries who desire restoration and renewal. They host the retreats at a beautiful facility near Kalamazoo, Michigan. The resources offered on their website includes a ministry toolbox which is a collection of articles, a collection of newsletters, prayer support, recommended reading, and a list of websites related to their ministry.


Linkcare has Christian Counselors who provide care for missionaries, pastors, Christian workers and their families, and the people in Fresno, California. It offers residential treatment there as well as on-field services abroad. Their website has resources, media, and offer a retreat housing option.

Directory of International Therapists 

This website offers a directory of more than 200 English speaking professional mental health therapists who are familiar with the international expatriate experiences in 50 countries around the world. Not only can you find a therapist, but there is information of how to become a member, FAQs, a forum, and a blog.


Marble Retreat 

A retreat center offering 8-day intensive counseling programs for pastors and

missionaries. Located in the picturesque Crystal River Valley of the Colorado Rockies

has been set aside for rest, healing, and life transformation. Their website offers articles

and ministry resources, news, a blog, program information, and how to donate.

Other websites that contain a list of valuable resources

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