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CernySmith is a research, development, testing and training organization focused on developing materials and services that support people, coaches, and organizations. The goal is to help people in any country to adjust and change during times of transition. Failure to adapt is costly, and successful adjustments do not come easy. Adjustment takes time, commitment, skill, and energy. CernySmith realize that healthy adjustments lead to greater satisfaction, increased productivity, and general well-being, so they created these powerful assessments that help equip people with the tools they need for success.

As a CSA coach, I have been trained to interpret CSA results and empower clients to understand and apply their results in a powerful and personalized manner.

Living and working cross-culturally is no small feat. I would be honored to be a part of helping you thrive in your life overseas.

I recommend a CSA with coaching every 3 months within the first year of landing in your new environment.

The CSA can be offered individually as well as to teams and organizations. To discuss team or organization packages, contact me.

You have invested a lot in getting overseas.

Coaching with the CSA is an investment in LIVING well overseas.

Asian Landscape

CSA Year

CSA with coaching at 3, 6, 9, and 12 month marks after landing in your new location.

This includes an introductory call and 3, 1 hour coaching sessions (between CSAs). 

This package is HIGHLY recommended for people living and working overseas during their first year.

    4 CSAs                 8 coaching sessions



CSA coaching

Includes your CSA Feedback Report and a personalized coaching session with a CSA Coach. Enjoy greater understanding of yourself and practical ways to handle your stress.

1 CSA                         1 coaching session


Online Learning.


A highly personalized, online assessment that screens and evaluates stress occurring during times of transition. The comprehensive 10 page report identifies your 15 areas of stress in detail and provides strategies on how best to adjust to changes and reduce stress.


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