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I am a wife of 29 years to a steady and hilarious man. He balances me out and also reminds me I need to get out of the house (and out of my head) if it has been too long. I am mother to 5 pretty incredible people, ages 17-26, and a bonus daughter through marriage to my son. I have the privilege of being Grandma to 3 precious little ones!


I spent the first part of my journey of motherhood stressed and trying to do it perfectly. I am now seeking to live authentically with my children, and others, so they can know the love of the amazing God who created them for purpose in His world. I really want the people in my life to know that!

I have found that though some of my perceptions about my foundation were faulty, the Foundation, Himself, is not. I am peeling back the layers of paint in my life. Sometimes I am able to get straight to the true color, other times it takes a bit longer and a bit more elbow grease. I am learning that it is ok for people to come in and see the mess. Sometimes they were sent to help me clean some things up or make the walls more sturdy. Sometimes they just stop by to sit and encourage me along the way.


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Watering hole, Kenya

*Life Coach: CPLC through the Christian Coach Institute  and trained in the Christian Coaching Model

*Certified in the Cerny-Smith Member Care training. "The world's best stress test"

(CSA Intercultural Adjustment & Stress Assessment Coach)

*Certified debriefer in the Le Rucher -Exchange at the Cross method of debriefing.

*Certified in debriefing the TCK training model for Third Culture Kids.

In 2019 I completed Christian counseling training with the Nikanor Project, levels NTS-1 & 2, equipping me to bless clients in deeper ways.

*Prepare/Enrich marriage facilitator

I am committed to growing in skills that will best serve my clients.

I took this picture at a turning point in my life. I had been living "hidden" for too many years to count. My family and I had just been through a traumatic event (you can listen to my story here), and I finally felt vulnerable enough to say, “I am not okay.” This picture marks a beginning of sorts- I decided I was done hiding. I began to risk being truly known.

I felt like my “house” was in shambles. My foundation was cracked and the walls had been covered with so many coats of paint that I didn’t know what the true color was. I was afraid to let anyone in, lest they see the complete mess. This realization was a turning point. I decided I was "all in". I sought and found help and support to throw off what hinders and live fully the life that I was created to live. 

I am a follower of Jesus. I am a student of the Bible. I enjoy learning from other tools that help us live in freedom and purpose. I am a talker- with- my -hands. I am learning to let go of the things that bind me up and keep me from really living. I am not always the best student. I love to listen, especially when someone is letting me in on what makes them come alive. I LOVE seeing connections in the world and people around me. I am a dreamer, but recognize that I need the encouragement of others to see things through. I am a doodler. I love listening to music I connect with emotionally. A day of music and art is a slice of heaven for me.


I am a coach. I believe I have been set free to help others live the life they were born to live.

Jamie Suel

Certified Professional Life Coach 

graduate of Christian Coach Institute

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