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I cannot help it, I think of life in terms of building a house: The initial vision of what the house could look like and where it could be built, digging deep to lay a solid foundation, building a frame that will provide function and stability, putting on a roof to cover and protect the house, and finishing the interior with touches that reflect the owner. I am fascinated by the process, and I think I could build an actual house, or at least a simple structure... but it would take A LOT of effort and A WHOLE LOT OF TIME for me to do it on my own.

I believe you have been designed with great care and purpose. My job as your coach is to help you get out of your comfort zone and stay focused as you discover your purpose- your design. We will work together to help you take action and follow through on the gifts and passions within live your life.


Everyone needs a Coach! 


Often, without a coach we end up just going through the motions day in and day out, and never really dig deep to find out why we are here and how we can begin to live fully alive.

I will coach you to discover God’s purpose/design for your life, start living and loving courageously, while learning how to throw off what hinders you. 

If you are ready to move forward, I want to coach you!

Building is not easy work, but I promise the reward is worth it!

Motivation, desire, a sense of commitment, and fear or apprehension are good signs that you are ready for change. If you resonate with these qualities, don't let them deter you, you are ready to live on purpose for purpose by beginning the coaching process!

Our conversations will be designed to meet your individual needs. Let's Talk

Some of the joys experienced in coaching:

*   Clarity of purpose

We were created for purpose and experience joy when we are living in that purpose. We are so easily distracted by our fast pace lifestyles that it is easy to let life happen to us rather than really live our lives. Coaching is a an investment in your life that will give you clarity to identify your values, goals and purpose.


*   Removing hinderances

Sometimes it’s hard to identify on our own what is really hindering us on a daily basis. Once we remove these obstacles we can naturally achieve more balance in our life.


*  Hope and Courage

Hope and Courage are motivators for change. To have the ability to sustain our goals and live in our purpose we need a plan that is simple and clear to keep us moving forward. 


*   Accountability and Perseverance

Having someone in our corner typically gives us just enough encouragement to keep moving forward to achieve great things. We all encounter unexpected challenges. When we do not get the support we need it is so easy to set aside our goals or dreams. The accountability you receive during coaching will help you develop perseverance step by step! 

I believe in you. I want to help you live in the blessing of your true life. 

What others have to say...

Talking with Jamie has been a gift from the Lord. I am so thankful to have someone to encourage and support me while understanding the things I am going through. I am so thankful for Jamie and the support she has provided!

Olivia, serving in Europe

Jamie helped me establish new boundaries, prioritize my time and navigate my family relationships. We narrowed in on my relationship with one of my children and how to meet her where she is as she is launching into a new season.


Meredith, mom to 3

Jamie helped me set appropriate weekly goals, track progress and offered accountability. She offered encouragement, support, and helped celebrate successes through the process. Working together helped me make progress towards my goal without feeling overwhelmed by the task. We planned for ways to continue the progress. I was able to see the ways that God has been and continues to work through all aspects of my life. The process also helped me have a better picture of what different outcomes to my financial situation would look like which alleviated some of the worry over future finances.

Tara, TX

Working with Jamie helped me understand I can work towards my goals no matter where I am. I feel confident that even small steps are working towards my goals. I was able to work through some stumbling blocks to achieving my goals and come up with so me creative ideas to work around these stumbling blocks. After just 4 sessions, I feel hopeful that I can achieve my goals!

L, working in Asia

I liked seeing the CSA Profile. It was encouraging to see and be able to celebrate my strengths, and as Jamie put it, use them to under-gird my challenges.  It was nice not to just take an assessment, but also have a coach at the ready to go over it with me, one-on-one.

K, serving in Central Asia

Jamie listened well and asked good questions. She was encouraging and motivational. Moving forward, I am ready to be more efficient and focused.

AM, serving in Europe

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