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God created you on purpose, for purpose. Let me help you discover and live yours.



Jamie Suel


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I am so glad you are here! My hope is that you will find connection, hope, and courage, and that you will go out from here with joy!


You were created wonderfully. Don’t skip over or dismiss that. It is true. The longer I live, the more I see that we have been uniquely created by the ultimate Artist/Author. As we let others see who we really are, the connection and joy of being known propels us forward, opening us up to really great things. God has no limits to His creativity or resources. He designed you beautifully. My prayer is that you will see that and know, deep in your gut, that you are LOVED!

Talking with Jamie has been a gift from the Lord. I am so thankful to have someone to encourage and support me while understanding the things I am going through. I am so thankful for Jamie and the support she has provided!

O., Serving in Europe

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